Result 2: Enhanced Social Inclusion, Living Conditions and Local Infrastructure Improved

The main focus of this component is the improvement of living conditions for the most vulnerable groups, as well as the improvement of local infrastructure in underdeveloped regions of North Macedonia. The Project is providing grants to local municipalities for small infrastructure projects aimed to contribute to a more balanced development. The Call for Proposals for Local Infrastructure Projects was published in April and the four grants were awarded in July 2019. The list and the brief description of the awarded grants is available here.

The Project is also working on improvement of local living conditions of citizens by supporting the transport of 170,000 m3 of excavated waste from the landfill in Falishe, Tetovo to the Drisla landfill, as well as the clean-up of toxic lindane waste deposited at the former OHIS plant.

The activities within this result are financed by Norway.