Makedonski Brod, 10 February 2020

New sewage system in the village of Suvodol with support from the Kingdom of Norway

The construction of a sewage system in the village of Suvodol, supported with a grant from the Kingdom of Norway, has started. Once finalized, the sewage system will resolve the long-standing issue for the residents of this village near Makedonski Brod.

The 600 meters piping system that is being constructed will significantly improve the living conditions of 240 residents of the village Suvodol. The construction is expected to end by May 2020.

"Once works are completed, the people of Suvodol will benefit from cleaner environment and thus improved quality of live. With the completion of this project, we are finalizing the sewage system for the entire village," says Mayor of Makedonski Brod, Zivko Siljanoski.

The project includes excavation, laying and installation of sewer pipes and shafts, as well as a construction of a treatment plant for the village. The sewage system will improve the communal infrastructure, reduce groundwater pollution and improve the living conditions for the residents. Thus, the project will directly reduce environmental pollution and potential health hazards.

For the implementation of this project, the Kingdom of Norway has allocated 90,000 USD, and the Municipality of Makedonski Brod is contributing 43,000 USD.